More and more Estonians are choosing in favor of solar energy, which is a popular sustainable solution for private houses, apartment associations and businesses

Next generation efficient solar panels give homeowners an unprecedented freedom of choice: to purchase electricity from the grid or to produce environmentally friendly energy on the spot. A solar power plant at home provides energy security and additional income with zero emissions!

Switching to renewable energy is a practical way to make your home greener during the ongoing energy and climate crisis, which increases the value of your property.

As the price of electricity rises every year, investments in solar panels quickly pay off and begin to bring benefits. With solar, you pay only for the panels and installation at a fixed cost, and later the surplus electricity can be sold back to the network at the exchange value. No more surprises in the electricity bills!

Altmer Energy is your specialist in the choice and installation of solar panels. Start saving and earning on solar energy with Altmer Energy!

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